July 18, 2013 Cottage Sail

The wind was south and shifting to the SE with warm water and air.  A liter was out having trouble.  45 minutes of solid blasting 8.0 and Bic.  Blasted past Jim and Mary as they came in on the Hobe.

I tried the 6.0 first, but it was too light.  Went to 8.0 and was perfect.  The wind shifted off land and got gusty and stronger.  My last run on my 8.0 to the beach was an overpowered gust ride and I hit 27.8 mph.  My best 8.0 on Bic 293 speed.

Tried 6.0 again and had several good runs then quit.  Too tired and sore to continue.

Time: 1 hr. 36 min.

Dist.: 15.22 miles

Ave. 9.4 mph

Max: 27.8  mph New Bic personal best!

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