June 29, 2012 Troy and family to our beach

Troy came over to our beach with his family.  We played at the beach and sailed a little too.  This was the day with seiches every 10 minutes or so the whole afternoon.  The water would go out all the way to the sandbar and expose it.  The second sandbar was so shallow that we hit it with our fin as we sailed over it.

As they arrived the wind kicked up.  I rigged my 8.0 and Bic.  I took it out in light wind.  We then played with the kids at the creek then the wind picked up to a steady 15 mph.  I went out for perfect sw conditions.  I ripped for about 20 minutes came in and gave it to Troy.  He went out and ripped and had a blast.  Could not believe the light wind planing that my 293 gave him.

Time  42 min

Distance 6.42 miles

Ave. speed  = 8.7 mph

Max speed = 21.5 mph

Best session of the season so far.  Fun to share with a friend!

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