June 20, 2012 Silver Lake in Mears with Troy

We tried to sail at my beach on Lake Michigan and found it to be off shore and too gusty.  Scary strong wind blowing out!  Sailed 6.0 and JP.  Decided to pack up and go to Silver Lake State Park.  North launch was 15 to 27 mph.  Troy and I met at the campground.  No wind, but decided to slog out from there to the wind line.  Troy was on my 5.0 and Bick and I was on the 6.0 and JP Excite Ride 135.  We hit the wind line and man was it nukin’!  I was overpowered on my 6.0, but stuck with it.  Troy struggled at first, but got the hang of my equipment and even hit a few jibes.  I sheeted out and tail walked a lot.  Crazy wind!  Upper 20’s low 30’s.  We sailed to the dunes and back many times and rested on the dunes.  I hit a few jibes.  The wind never let up and we had to quit because we were so tired!  No data for this session.  Forgot my GPS.

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