March 18, 2012 Streetsailing

The weather this spring (actually still winter) is unbelieveable!  We have had 70’s and 80’s for several weeks now.  I heard that Lake Michigan in Chicago is 47 already.  Many guys sailed all winter because there has been almost no ice.  I am hoping to get my first March windsurfing session in.  I went to the cottage and got my windsurfing trailer and brought it home.  It was 75 degrees in Hart and 48 at the cottage.  The lake still is keeping things cooler.  A week before guys were ice fishing on Hart lake and it is now in the 70’s and 80’s and the flowers are blooming!  Crazy!  I did not have time to get out on the water this weekend so I decided to go streetsailing.  I pulled some photos from some video I took.  I forgot my gps for stats but the wind was 5 to 15 probably.  I rigged my 4.4 and had a ball.  It was great to get my jibes going again.  There is nothing better than a smooth, effortless, sail flip!  My boys chased me around on their scooters.  What a great day!

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